These Are The Signs That You Need a Root Canal Treatment

June 1, 2020

Endodontic treatment, a standard and effective dental operation that is mostly identified as root canal treatment, is when the living tissue within a tooth – the pulp – is extracted. The area is then washed, sealed and filled to ‘save’ the tooth from irreversible damage which may otherwise lead to extraction.

So, as you’d understand, you’d need a root canal treatment when the pulp, which is the innermost layer of your tooth is infected. But how do you know if your pulp is infected? How to know if you need a root canal treatment?

Like many other oral health issues like gum disease and oral cancer, pulp infection (pulpitis) doesn’t give off signs too often. However, we have listed some of the most common symptoms that you should be concerned about, which you’d shrug off otherwise. Here are the common signs that you need a root canal treatment:

  1. Dental injury / trauma

While tooth decay is the most common sign for root canal therapy, actual tooth trauma may also cause the pulp or nerve to become exposed or damaged. If damage to the tooth has occurred that have rendered the tooth broken, dislodged, split, damaged or even partially knocked out, root canal therapy may be required.

  1. Toothache

If tooth damage has not occurred, the most common symptom of requiring root canal surgery is toothache or tooth pain.

The pain may be moderate or extreme, and can come and go with the severity of pain. When biting down, for example, and while eating in general, the pain sometimes gets worse, and the gums can feel tender and even swell around the troubled tooth.

  1. Sensitivity

Another symptom of a tooth that needs root canal is temperature sensitivity. For example , many people have some sensitivity to hot or cold liquids or foods, but when that sensitivity is persistent, or the pain is extreme, this is a strong indication that root canal therapy may be required.

  1. Some other common signs include:

There are other signs that you may need root canal therapy. For example, if a bump, mini-ulcer, nodule or ‘pimple’ can be found in the gum near the tooth, this can simply be the way the body removes the infection from the pulp. Many instances also include bleeding gums, or an abscess.

Pulp infections can also cause tooth discoloration, which may be another indication that root canal therapy is required.

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