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Whether it's a thorough oral checkup or dental care for your family, at Haslam Dental, we take care of all necessary aspects under one roof. Being considered as the premier dentist in Ogden UT, we provide various dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement services, pediatric dental care, oral sedation, orthodontic treatment, oral surgery and many more.

Our dental office is conveniently located at 448 E 5350 S - just a stone’s throw away from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. If you are a resident of South Weber, Unitah or nearby areas and wondering where to find an emergency dentist, you can easily reach us via S Weber Dr, U.S. Hwy 89, Washington Blvd. We serve patients also residing in Mountain Green, Morgan and nearby locations.

At Haslam Dental, we are committed to provide compassionate and quality dental care to patients of all ages. We designed our office in such a way so that our patients feel comfortable while they come here for consultation and treatment. Our dental team is committed to delivering the best quality dental treatment with innovative technologies and specialized dental procedures to patients of all ages.

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We have come a long way from where we started and that's all for ensuring the best dental experience for you! We have one of the most spacious and well organized office spaces, designed in a way to comfort you. We have a swift team of staffs who don’t like to keep you waiting for too long. All that combined, we are THE BEST at what we do!


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Want to get a glimpse of our magnificent dental practice? Hop in! Take an office tour around our dental practice and get to know our space before you even have to walk in through our doors!

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Some dental practices commonly say, "Children are not permitted!" or they only begin to see children after a certain age. We are happy to see your entire family including babies at Haslam Dental. We advise you to come and see us as soon as your child's first tooth erupts.

Our team is engaging, polite, gentle and informative to build a pleasant and learning atmosphere. We are always pleased to offer family rates together, so that you can get treatment for your whole family together in one single visit.

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