Invisalign® proves that achieving effective orthodontic treatment doesn't have to be a challenge. These clear aligners have helped millions in straightening their teeth, and they can do the same for you.

Invisalign® Aligners
at Haslam Dental

Invisalign® serves as an effective and discreet orthodontic treatment option designed for comfortable wear over your teeth, allowing for continual adjustment to alignment and spacing.

Custom-made Invisalign® aligners are tailored based on models of your current teeth and the desired end result. Your journey with Invisalign®, at Haslam Dental, involves changing to new aligners approximately every two weeks, with each set gradually shifting your teeth. This process typically spans around two years, depending on your desired outcome.

You remove the Invisalign® aligners for eating, drinking, and cleaning only. At first, they will feel very tight, but they will begin to loosen and feel more comfortable after a few days.

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woman placing invisalign clear aligners on the top row of her teeth
  • How does the Invisalign® process work?

    To start the process, we’ll take photos of your teeth and face, create dental impressions, and take X-rays. These records are then sent to Invisalign® along with instructions outlining the desired outcome. Invisalign® uses this information to generate a 3D model of your teeth, collaborating with your dentist to ensure precision in molding. After finalizing the design, the trays are crafted and delivered to Haslam Dental. You’ll wear each set of trays for two weeks, repeating this process for approximately two years or as determined by your dentist.

  • What are the differences between Invisalign® and braces?

    There are many differences between Invisalign® and braces, we’ve listed some of the largest ones here. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but the introduction of Invisalign® to the market introduced a more efficient, less painful way to straighten teeth.

    • Invisalign® uses clear transparent aligners, while braces use wires and brackets.
    • Invisalign® aligners can be removed by the user at any time, while braces can only be removed by a professional.
    • Invisalign® allows a user to eat whatever they would like and not make changes to their oral care practices, while braces restrict what the user can safely eat and require special maintenance and care.
    • Invisalign® aligners do not present any injury risks, while braces can lead to cuts and other injuries.
    • Invisalign® aligners are nearly impossible for others to notice, while braces are almost impossible to miss.
  • Who can use Invisalign®?

    Invisalign® is suitable for most teens and adults needing mild to moderate orthodontic corrections. This includes individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth, as well as those with noticeable spacing issues. Even patients with minor bite concerns can benefit from Invisalign®; however, it’s important to note that not all orthodontic issues can be addressed with Invisalign® alone. More extensive problems may require additional forms of treatment.

  • Can you chew gum with Invisalign®?

    No, you can not chew gum with your Invisalign® aligners in. You can remove your Invisalign® to chew gum. However, you need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day to ensure that you are getting the best results.

  • How do you clean Invisalign® aligners?

    It’s important to clean your Invisalign® regularly so that there is no bacteria buildup in them that could cause harm to your oral health. There are many ways that you can clean your Invisalign®, but some of the best ways to clean them are soaking your aligners with Invisalign® cleaning crystals or gently brushing your aligners with soapy water.

Interested in Invisalign®?

If you would like to setup an Invisalign® consultation, if you have any questions about how Invisalign® works, or if you're unsure if Invisalign® is right for you—contact us.

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