Root Canal Treatment in Ogden UT

One of the most common dental procedures performed is a root canal, well over 14 million performed each year. A simple treatment will save your natural teeth and prevent dental implants or bridges from being needed.

Why You Might Need A Root Canal Treatment

Pulp is at the center of your tooth. Pulp is a collection of blood vessels that help the tooth build up. Pulp infection can be caused by tooth damage, serious decay, fractures and cracks, or repetitive dental treatment. Symptoms of the infection may be recognized as noticeable tooth damage or swelling, temperature sensitivity, or tooth and gum pain.

When you have any of these signs, your dentist in Ogden UT will prescribe a root canal treatment to remove the pulp that has been diseased. This infected pulp is removed, and thorough cleaning and sealing of the root canal system, the tooth is saved.

This therapy usually involves local anesthesia and, depending on the treatment required, may be completed in one or more visits. Success for treatment of this type occurs in about 90 percent of cases. If your tooth is not suitable for endodontic treatment or there is an unfavorable chance of success, you will be notified at the period of appointment and if a complication becomes apparent during treatment.

To minimize pain we use sedation dentistry. We will also provide of the nitrous oxide sedation, if needed. After your treatment you will be able to drive home and you will definitely feel confident returning to your normal routine.

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