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There are plenty of reasons why patients in Ogden UT visit us for dental services. Some of our patients are searching for a reliable dental care provider and some are new townships, finding preventive dental services. Others are suffering from urgent dental problems and some rely on us to help them recover their oral health after a few years of neglect.

We are here to support you whatever your reason for finding dental services in Ogden UT is. Our dentist, dental hygienists,and assistants are professional and compassionate, in a supportive environment, here to give you outstanding treatment. If you are looking for quality treatment with friendliness, contact our office today.

When dental emergencies strike, call us for help

Dental emergencies are infamous and frequently unpleasant, ranging from dental trauma to sudden infections. If you are wondering urgently “Where can I find dental emergency services near me? “Call us as your trusted emergency dental practice.

Contact our office during regular business hours, whether you’re getting a toothache, a cracked crown, a knocked-out tooth or a constant gum ache. Our helpful team will, if possible, arrange you an emergency dentist appointment the same day during office hours.

You can rely on us to ensure easy , affordable care.

For modest cost of dental treatment, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice standard care. In our office, we conduct a wide variety of dental procedures and guarantee affordability and efficiency while ensuring your convenience. Afterall, there’s a reason why we are one of the highest rated dental practices in Ogden UT. It’s because we end up creating relations besides stunning smiles!

The best way to maintain a healthy smile is to take proper care of it. Our teeth work hard every day and require some maintenance from time to time to function properly.
Nothing is more fun than a beautiful smile and we will help if yours needs some change. Today’s cosmetic breakthrough dentistry provides a variety of ways to correct
A missing tooth may have an effect on your choice of food,and even your speech. As you depend mostly on your remaining teeth, you increase thechance
It’s not unusual for people to sometimes feel dental or oral pain. Although some problems can wait, others need immediate treatment to relieve pain or avoid serious infection.
Before you get concerned about your child not wanting to go to the dentist, sit back and think about it – no child has ever shrieked in excitement and awe when they’ve
Sedation dentistry uses medications to help you relax and enjoy dental procedures more comfortably. Dental sedation can even benefit people with acute dental anxiety.
Braces are no longer just intended for children. If your gums and bone structure are healthy, your tooth alignment can change at any age.
In some cases, surgical procedures involving the gums, teeth and jaw may be necessary to preserve and enhance long-term oral health.

Since we are a family dental practice, we see patients of all ages- yes, children included. We provide all of our services to patients aging anywhere between 6 months and a hundred years!

To us, your comfort comes first. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry to ensure that no treatment is uncomfortable to you, let alone painful. Dr. Haslam is known for being one of the best sedation dentists around! So, need pain-free dental care? Call us!

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Haslam dental welcomes new patients of all ages. Call to book an appointment today. Dr. Haslam and his staff provide a wide range of services, creating beautiful, tailor-made smiles!


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