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Really a technological advance, implants are rapidly becoming the most common teeth replacement option because of their comfort, durability and reliability.

Dental implants replicate your natural teeth best as they are tightly fixed to your jawbone, so slipping, loosening, or falling out is not possible. That’s the secret to the performance , durability, and popularity of dental implants. Strong, stable and comfortable, an implant is a small, permanent post that binds to your bone like the roots of a tooth and provides the foundation for a replacement tooth that looks natural. An implant’s appeal is that it can look and feel just about like a natural tooth—giving you a really good reason to smile.

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Looking good and enjoying eating and talking are naturally not the only advantages of implants. Implants mimic the way your natural teeth work, keep your gums and jawbone safe and leave the adjacent teeth intact. Implants are far more beneficial than removable dentures or bridges because they don’t have to be removed and maintained with adhesives to clean or secure them. Implants are permanent and can last several years, potentially a lifetime, so they will make a major difference in your quality of life, whether you replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in one go!

Dental implants have been widely used for more than 50 years. Today, thanks to their growth, hundreds of thousands of smiles are restored every year with numerous happy patients.

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