Pain-Free Dental Treatment From Sedation Dentist In Ogden UT

Sedation dentistry uses medications to help you relax and enjoy dental procedures more comfortably. Dental sedation can even benefit people with acute dental anxiety.

Sedation dentistry provides many benefits to patients during any dental treatment. Sedation enables your body to relax fully. This improves the efficacy of any dental treatment.

Sedation dentistry reduces the time duration of a dental treatment. If you need complicated or numerous procedures in a single sitting, this can be very useful. It also prevents the muscles from getting tightened or exhausted because of the time spent in one position.

In each case, your sedation dentist in Ogden UT would monitor your sedation closely, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, generally referred to as a laughing gas, is a mild medicine for dental sedation. It causes a state of moderate relaxation until inhaled. It also decreases pain sensitivity. Nitrous oxide is healthy for almost any patient regardless of age. Oxygen is used to counteract the effects of nitrous oxide following diagnosis. When this is completed, you are completely alert and ready to drive home.

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation, or OCS, offers a higher sedation level over nitrous oxide. Many patients prefer using OCS for deeper relaxation. While you can still stand, walk, or answer questions, during your treatment, you stay in a relaxed and sleepy state. Many patients find that they had no recollection of the treatment after the case with OCS. This can be a great benefit for patients with dental anxiety.

Does a pain-free dental treatment sound too good to be true? That’s a reality at Haslam Dental. Get your dental treatment done pain free by the best sedation dentist in Ogden UT near you.

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