Dental Bonding in Ogden UT

Bonding is a common treatment choice, as it offers a good connection between the filling material and the original enamel and dentin of the tooth. It looks like the original tooth and even works like it.

Direct composite bonding is used in additive manner to recreate a smile, where little to no reduction of the tooth is required. Direct bonding, in a professional operator’s hands, is less costly than porcelain veneers and crowns, and can last long with proper care.

Why bonding best restores your broken/chipped tooth

Teeth are a natural combination of strength and toughness, which is aided by enamel and dentin.

Enamel is the tooth’s outer shell, or the part visible inside the mouth. It’s made up of tightly packed calcium crystals that are very strong and wear-resistant. Enamel is made of no living substance and is easily mimicked by porcelain dentistry.

Dentin is the tooth’s inner layer, which is much more porous. Dentin is a living tissue composed of collagen tubes with calcium crystals and transmits nerve sensation. Composite resins exhibit similar properties to dentin and are a blend of plastic resin and silica filler. This combination of materials enables excellent replication of the color of the teeth and reliable adhesion.

Tooth bonding is used in various ways but is perhaps most effective to fix chipped teeth. Bonding materials (high density, synthetic plastics called composite resin) and porcelain — are more natural in color, and can be crafted to match your natural teeth perfectly, making it impossible to distinguish a broken tooth ever.

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