What Makes Professional Whitening Better Than Over-The-Counter Kits

July 8, 2020

Everyone wants to have a dazzling white smile. But teeth can become stained or discolored over time. Cosmetic dentistry offers options to get the stains off and restore your white smile. Apart from professional teeth whitening in Ogden, UT; there are many over-the-counter whitening kits available also. However, these kits cannot compare with the results of a professional whitening session.

Let us see what makes professional whitening better than DIY kits.

  • Examining your teeth before whitening
    You may have cavities, tartar, or plaque, in which case whitening is not really recommended. Patients that have gum disease, tooth decay, or cracks in their teeth will also need to address these issues before they go forward with either whitening procedure. The issue here is that whitening products contain corrosive substances that remove the top layer of the tooth where the stains have occurred. If these substances come into contact with deeper layers, it can lead to further damage and discomfort. When you whiten your teeth yourself, you cannot identify and fix these concerns. However, a dentist will always examine your teeth before whitening them.
  • Safety considerations
    Generally speaking, professional teeth whitening is safer than DIY whitening kits. Whitening kits have a set of instructions that you’ll need to follow carefully, otherwise you could damage your gums or enamel. Sometimes, patients will leave a whitening kit on for too long, or they’ll exceed the number of treatments recommended in order to get results faster, which can lead to the aforementioned effects. With a professional whitening session, your dentist will perform the initial inspection, determine the sensitivity level of your teeth, and safely perform the whitening procedure.
  • Effectiveness
    When it comes to effectiveness, professional whitening techniques are significantly more effective. This is because dentists can use solutions that are higher in essential chemicals, and they may use advance technologies during the in-office treatment to amplify the effectiveness of the treatment even further. You can get about 8-10 shades whiter teeth in just one professional teeth whitening session!
  • Consistent and lasting results
    It can sometimes be difficult to achieve a consistent result with a DIY kit. But a dentist being an expert can guarantee even whitening of all teeth. Again, professional teeth whitening in Ogden, UT produces significant results as compared to DIY whitening. As such, it will take longer for the teeth to get back to the original shade if you go with professional whitening. Results can be further maintained with proper oral hygiene, and if you avoid staining foods and drinks such as wine or coffee.

Professional teeth whitening has many advantages over a DIY whitening kit. The process is not painful or uncomfortable at all, and takes only a matter of hours. If you want to get a whiter smile, our teeth whitening dentist in Ogden, UT can help. At Haslam Dental, we will help you achieve the perfect shade of white for your teeth. Do not risk the health of your teeth, or achieve underwhelming results with a DIY kit — contact us today to schedule an appointment!