What to Do During Common Dental Emergencies?

June 1, 2020

From a sports injury to a fall, there are a number of unfortunate situations that can put you at risk for a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are not too common but they do happen. If you find yourself in the middle of such a situation, it is important to visit an Emergency Dentist in Ogden, UT as quickly as possible. Only prompt action can prevent further damage to your teeth or gums and restore your oral health. Here are our top tips for handling a dental emergency:

Act Quickly with a Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth that has completely dislodged from the socket following a fall or a serious injury needs to be handled quickly and efficiently if you want to boost its chances of remaining viable. If your tooth is knocked out, try to put it back into place gently. If it is not able to be placed in the socket, then soak it in a cup of milk or saltwater before rushing to your dentist’s office.

Use Cold Therapy in the Event of a Broken Tooth

If your tooth is not completely knocked out but becomes broken or chipped, then the best step to take after retrieving all of the pieces is to rinse the mouth out and then stop the bleeding. You are likely to feel a significant amount of pain after your tooth is chipped or broken, which you can alleviate with help from a cold compress. Simply apply it around the mouth before seeing your dentist.

Avoid Using Sharp Items to Retrieve Stuck Objects

It is incredibly important that you never use a sharp object such as a hair pin, a needle, or a nail file to dislodge an item from between your teeth. As frustrating as it may be to deal with a trapped popcorn kernel or a seed trapped between two teeth, attempting to remove such an item with a sharp object can lead to bleeding and infection. Instead, use dental floss or see your dentist for assistance.

Handle Broken Braces Carefully

Braces are pretty complicated and they have a lot of tiny parts and pieces. Sometimes, these parts can break and depending on how bad it is, this can present a safety issue. If you have a broken bracket or wires that is poking you and causing pain, try to bend it so that it’s out of the way, or cover it with orthodontic wax until we can take a look at it.

If you can’t get in immediately, you will have to eat soft foods so that the braces don’t break further. Rinse with warm salt water often and feel free to take over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce any discomfort you’re experiencing.

Sometimes, a condition that may appear to be a dental emergency may not really need urgent care. Situations in which you should call your dentist immediately include severe pain, knocked out tooth or filling, bleeding gums, and sports injury to face or broken tooth. Even if no physical trauma has occurs, you may require emergency treatment when you are experiencing extreme toothache.

When you call your emergency dentist in Ogden, UT; they will provide you specific instructions to deal with your injury. Follow these carefully to ensure highest chances of saving your teeth and smile. When the situation demands, you dentist will be provide you with the earliest possible appointment for prompt treatment.