5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Can Best Restore Missing Teeth

June 4, 2020

Of most of the groundbreaking technological innovations in dental care over the past 50 years, the most substantial were dental implants. Implants, entirely developed in the 1950s, have altered the dental care industry for ever. The article below lists the top 5 reasons why dental implants are a good investment. So, read on to know why dental implants could be your best dental restoration option.

# 1 Avoid Bone Loss

If you have lost teeth or have a wound to your mouth, your jawbone will start to deteriorate if the teeth are not quickly replaced. Lack of teeth in the gums and jawline causes weakening and loss of bone mass. This can lead to other complications in oral health, too.

Dental implants do function like natural teeth, however. Once an implant is installed, the bone fuses with the implant and, instead, begins to strengthen. Having all your teeth allows a balance of pressure in your mouth to create equal chewing force. In the end, this preserves and strengthens the bone and the other tissues that surround each tooth.

# 2 Aiding You Looks

What makes dental implants worth the investment altogether are the immediate results you see in a perfectly restored face. Implants provide natural fit and alignment with the jawbone and underlying tissues, and this keeps the youthful facial characteristics intact. Your self-confidence increases when you look and feel great on the outside, which also helps to increase the attraction. You won’t be able to deny even more the professional and social benefits that come with a wonderful smile.

# 3 They perform way better than dentures

As any denture wearer will attest, there is a stuff of nightmares that come along with having unfitting dentures. Whether too large or too small, dentures cause significant cosmetic problems and have added to their maintenance costs. You ‘re also limited to what you can eat with dentures and partials, and you’re stuck in the cumbersome high-maintenance treatment. Who really needs this?

Gums can gradually shrink with dentures over the years due to pain, infections and other oral problems. Some denture wearers therefore struggle with slurred or mumbled speech. Since implants naturally fuse with bone, you can continue with your natural lifestyle with full confidence and without worry.

Dental implants are so similar to the natural teeth that they are almost indistinguishable when it comes to appearance and function. You also take care of the implants with easy maintenance, as you care for your natural teeth. Ultimately, you deserve the best and implants offer a superior alternative to dentures and partials.

# 4 They are truly affordable

The days are gone where patients think about huge sums of cash to cover the implant costs. With so many payment plan options, insurance options and quality and affordability of implants these days, there’s no reason not to consider the possibilities.

What most people don’t realize is that overall implant costs can be thousands less than what they’d spend over time on other procedures and options such as dentures. This is because once you’ve installed dental implants, you won’t need to replace or have work done on that tooth again. Implants have an outstanding, long-lasting success rate of up to 98 + percent.

# 5 They provide a natural life for a lifetime

One can not deny or ignore the benefits of having dental implants. The surgical method is completely painless, and at the same time the outcomes are impressive and normal. The ultimate reason you should have implants is that you will have them for the rest of your life. Imagine that for the next 50 + years …

  • You will always have a stunning, confident smile
  • You can speak clearly and converse
  • You will look younger than you are
  • You will be feeling great because you have healthy teeth and gums (with proper care continued)
  • And you can still enjoy crunchy and crispy foods!

This is what you can expect from implants. Considering getting them? Choose the best quality since you’ll have these for the rest of your life and they’re really a one time investment. You can get the best quality dental implants in Ogden UT. Make an appointment with the best dental implants dentist in Ogden UT today!