Teeth Extractions in Ogden, UT

When a tooth has been heavily damaged from decay, trauma or other problems beyond the point of saving, tooth extraction becomes necessary. People often fear getting a tooth extracted. So at Haslam Dental, we offer three sedation options for your comfort – Nitrous Oxide, Oral sedation and IV sedation. While our goal is to save your tooth in every way possible, a tooth may need to be extracted in some cases.

When You May Need to Get a Tooth Extracted?

Some cases in which a tooth extraction in Ogden, UT may be required include:

Before any tooth extraction procedure in Ogden, UT; our dentist will first identify the cause of your pain and the issues influencing the health of the tooth. If the tooth can be saved, we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan. If saving is not an option or you prefer to have your tooth extracted, we will extract the tooth and review restorative options.

What to Expect for Tooth Extraction in Ogden, UT?

Tooth extractions can be simple or surgical, depending in your specific case. Simple extractions can remove teeth that are already visible in your mouth. In cases where the tooth is not fully erupted or breaks below the gum line, surgical tooth extraction will be performed.

Whenever you need a tooth extraction, you should ask the dentist about the procedure and sedation options. At Haslam Dental, our team communicates with the patients to ensure that they can get the treatment in a relaxed way and understand the details of the procedure.

Recovery and Replacement after Extraction

After your teeth extractions, you must heal before restorations take place. The time required for this healing depends on the type of extraction and other factors. Before removing your existing tooth, our teeth extraction dentist in Ogden, UT will talk to you about your restoration options, steps involved, and how long you can expect the recovery to take.

At Haslam Dental, you can relax knowing that your extraction is being performed by a trustworthy and capable dentist. Our dental team will guide you at every step and ensure that you have a comfortable procedure.

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