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If you need a single dental implant for a tooth, you have come to the right place. Our trusted team of experts at Haslam Dental in Ogden UT has the knowledge base and expertise to provide you with a high quality, long-lasting implant in no time.

With modern, state-of-the-art technology , we are able to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients who need single dental implants. If you don’t need a full set of dental implants and would like to be eligible for a single dental implant procedure, read on to understand more of what this program involves or contact our Ogden UT office for more details.

About dental implants for single tooth replacement

If you lose one of your teeth, whether it’s because of ageing, accident or some other cause, you might feel nervous and unsure about where to turn next. Although there are many choices out there, in terms of longevity, appearance, ease and comfort, dental implants outweigh bridges and dentures.

The primary explanation for the dominance of single dental implants is their resemblance to a beautiful, natural tooth. When you lose a single tooth, your natural tooth and its root will be replaced by a dental implant, which will give you a brand new tooth that looks and acts just like a real tooth.

How single dental implants work

Single tooth implants include a crown and an implant, which serves as the new tooth base, and a false tooth (or pontic) serving as the new tooth itself. The artificial tooth is made out of a high-grade synthetic plastic and designed using computer software to fit perfectly into a patient’s mouth in the empty tooth socket.

The process of single dental implants is simple and straightforward. Next, the implant is inserted into the jaw and looks like a screw or a plug. The implant and bone are then bonded together to form a foundation to adhere to the artificial tooth. Finally, the artificial tooth is attached to the abutment, and the implant is finished. The effect is a natural-looking, fully functional tooth which will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Does that sound complicated? Our dental implants dentist in Ogden UT will make it even simpler for you. We have executed countless dental implants over the years, and with perfection. Take a chance with the best when it comes to your teeth. Choose the best dental implants dentist in Ogden UT near you today!

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