Oral Surgery in Ogden, UT

In some cases, surgical procedures involving the gums, teeth and jaw may be necessary to preserve and enhance long-term oral health. While we strive to maintain teeth in good health, sometimes a surgery may require consideration to ensure well-being. When other treatments are not sufficient to preserve good oral health, our dentist at Haslam Dental may recommend oral surgery in Ogden, UT.

When Is Oral Surgery Required?

Oral surgery includes various surgical dental procedures. These are aimed at improving the health, function and appearance of your teeth, gums and jaws. At Haslam Dental, we always strive to provide the most conservative and least invasive treatment possible. However, oral surgery in Ogden, UT may be necessary to fix certain concerns and improve oral and general health. Oral surgery may include:

Oral Surgery at Haslam Dental

We provide many oral surgeries at our dental office so that patients do not have to visit a hospital unless utmost necessary. At Haslam Dental, we are committed to ensuring that your oral surgery is as comfortable as possible. With vast expertise, we can ensure that every aspect of your dental care and surgery is efficient and convenient.

Prior to your scheduled procedure, we will give you detailed instructions that cover everything you need to do to prepare for the appointment. You will be asked to take steps to prepare for sedation, such as taking oral medication in advance or fasting for a number of hours prior to the appointment. You will need to arrange for someone to escort you home after the appointment (and someone to bring you to our office if you are using oral sedation).

To learn more about the surgical procedures we offer, please schedule an appointment with our oral surgery dentist in Ogden, UT today.

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