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One of the most common injuries suffered by athletes are injuries to the mouth. The quality and types of mouthguards used is essential to prevent serious injuries to the teeth and gums. Over the counter mouth guards that are boiled and pressed against the teeth are often bulky. These can cause breathing difficulties when worn. At Haslam Dental, we offer quality mouthguards for a comfortable fit. When the mouth guard fits perfectly to your mouth, you can breathe easily. With custom guards, your focus will remain on your performance and not your mouth guard!

Mouth Guards and Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

Normal chewing brings the teeth in contact for brief intervals only. In normal circumstances, your teeth come into contact for only around 5 minutes in a day. Over the years, slight signs of wear and chipping of bite edges are common. But sometimes teeth clenching or grinding habits can develop a worn appearance and harm the enamel, even in young people. This damage is far more than what the teeth are accustomed to.

Many people grind their teeth subconsciously during the day or at night. In many cases, the teeth grinding causes harm to the teeth only during sleep and only for a few seconds. If you wake up with a headache or with a sore jaw, chances are that you grind your teeth while sleeping. Due to this grinding, some patients develop enlarged jaw muscles on the sides of their mouth. Being the strongest muscles in the body, these muscles can do a lot of damage.

Preventing Irreversible Damage to Teeth and Jaw

Unusual grinding pits a lot of pressure on the teeth and strains the jaw muscles too. The compression force can even impact the jaw joints which can lead to chronic pain, popping sounds and arthritic changes. If you notice that you are waking up with a sore jaw or with a headache, you should receive attention immediately to avoid irreversible damage.

A calibrated night guard can eliminate these symptoms and also protect your enamel from chipping or wearing. If you are grinding your teeth during day time, our team will analyze your bite and make sure that your teeth are moving properly against each other when you chew food.

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