Overcome Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation in Ogden, UT

Sedation dentistry can help you overcome your dental fear and anxiety and get treatments stress-free. IV or Intravenous Sedation is a highly effective and controllable form of sedation used in many dental treatments at Haslam Dental. Our dentist is able to personally administer IV Sedation to help our patients get dental procedures comfortably and save their time. IV Sedation Dentistry in Ogden, UT is an excellent choice for patients who are suffering from dental fear or phobia. Patients who are undergoing a complex or extensive procedure also benefit from it.

Do You Need IV Sedation Dentistry?

Typically, IV sedation is used for oral surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal, root canals, dental implants, and extensive periodontal work. It involves administering the medication intravenously (through the veins). Due to the method of sedation, it gives us easy control of the level of sedation to ensure you stay comfortable. IV sedation is a form of conscious sedation. Even though you will not be completely unconscious, you may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep during your treatment. For this procedure, the patient will need an escort before and after the procedure.

Your comfort is one of our top priorities. We not only provide quality dental care, but we go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable. By providing comprehensive IV sedation dentistry in Ogden, UT; our team takes patient comfort to new levels.

How is IV Sedation Administered?

As experienced sedation dentists, we carefully monitor everything during your visit as well as adjust the level of sedation when needed. Compared to other sedation options, IV sedation is more predictable and can be administered in a precise dosage that is appropriate for each patient’s weight, age, size, and other health specifics.

Iv Sedation is directly administered into your bloodstream. A narrow plastic tube is inserted in a vein that is easily accessible being close to the skin – on the back of your hand or near the bend in your arm. The tube stays inserted throughout the procedure and the sedative is administered according to the needs of the procedure. Under our expert team, the process of administering IV sedation is worry-free and painless.

If you suffer from dental fear or phobia at the tough of going to the dentist, or if you need to undergo extensive dental surgery; IV sedation in Ogden, UT is a safe and excellent choice. For more information on this and other sedative techniques offered by Haslam Dental, please schedule a consultation with our dentist.

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