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Missing teeth can be a problem for the appearance of your smile and also harm your dental health. The gaps between the teeth can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also a place for food particles to gather. You may also notice the teeth adjacent to the space growing out of alignment over time.

It is important to fill the gaps created by missing teeth to maintain a beautiful smile and maintain good oral health. At Haslam Dental, we provide dental bridges in Ogden, UT as part of our tooth replacement services for patients who have to replace two or more consecutive teeth.

Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is restorative treatment that is used to bridge the gap created by missing teeth. This is done by fixing an artificial tooth or teeth to the adjacent teeth. Dental bridges can be used to the cover the area where one or more teeth are missing.

The bridge is placed between teeth on either side of the gap to hold the bridge in place. The abutment teeth are fitted with crowns that serve as an anchor for the bridge, allowing you to eat and smile with confidence.

Why Should You Choose Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge will ensure that your gums and teeth are protected from bacteria and food particles do not accumulate in the gap. With dental bridges, you can restore a healthy smile that you are proud of.

Dental bridges look and feel just like natural teeth. You need to maintain and care for your dental bridge just how you care for your teeth. Proper oral hygiene will ensure that your bridge lasts for a long time. At Haslam Dental, we will be happy to discuss how you can benefit from a dental bridge. To find out more about restorative options, schedule your appointment with us today.

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