Straighten Your Smile with ClearCorrect in Ogden, UT

ClearCorrect aligners serve as an alternative to traditional braces. At Haslam Dental, we provide ClearCorrect to straighten teeth discreetly for teenagers and adults as well. ClearCorrect treatment includes custom-made removable clear aligners that straighten teeth by gradually moving them and creating a corrected smile.

What are ClearCorrect Aligners?

If you are looking for an alternative to metal wires and brackets, ClearCorrect may be the right option for you. The aligners are made of a clear and comfortable material that appears similar to a retainer. These clear aligners are virtually invisible when worn on the teeth.

At Haslam Dental, we take impressions of your gums and teeth to create custom ClearCorrect Aligners in Ogden, UT. You will receive a series of aligner trays that will begin with the current position of your teeth and slowly adjust them until they are perfectly aligned. Each aligner tray is worn for around four to six weeks before replacing it with the next aligner tray in the series. The aligners move the teeth by placing pressure on the specific to eventually get a more comfortable position. Once you complete all the aligner trays in the series, your teeth will transition from crooked to perfectly straight.

Who Should Get ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect in Ogden, UT is a suitable orthodontic treatment for adults and children. At Haslam Dental, we will carry a thorough consultation to determine if it is the best option for your needs. ClearCorrect can be used to successfully treat conditions such as:

Why Should You Opt for ClearCorrect?

The idea of metal wires and brackets is not appealing to everyone. If you are one of these people, you should consider ClearCorrect.

The best part about your ClearCorrect treatment is that you will be able to see your projected smile at the beginning of the treatment. Our ClearCorrect dentist in Ogden, UT will examine your bite and prepare a customized treatment plan for your needs. You will soon then receive your aligners in some time and begin your journey to a perfect smile!

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