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If you are considering replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you must have adequate bone mass in your jaw to sustain the implant post. However, the jaw bone is no longer activated by the tooth roots after tooth loss has occurred, and may begin to weaken and recede. This may cause complications such as sifting teeth, an altered bite and may even give you an older look!

At Haslam Dental, we provide care for bone grafting that will restore the bone you have lost and help prepare you for dental implants. If you have an appropriate tooth, we will position and repair all of your dental implants in our office with life-like dental crowns.

How The Procedure Works

Bone grafting is vital to dental implant success, so you deserve the ideal care required to protect your investment in implants. Dr. Haslam has specialized Bone Grafting and we can provide innovative methods of bone grafting care to repair the jaw. The method involves you or a donor source taking a sample of bone and converting it to bone granules. Then, these granules are placed precisely at the recession site and allowed to heal. The material from the bone graft should allow bone to develop to the proper implant volume needed.

And that is pretty much all! Besides, bone grafting has these following advantages:

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