Cosmetic Procedures That Can Give You The Smile of Your Dreams

August 18, 2020

Cosmetic dentistry offers procedures that help to keep your smile as white and bright as possible. The color, size, and shape of your teeth are what define your smile. There are many things that have a direct impact on how your teeth look. You can take proactive measures to keep your smile looking its best. But if they do lose their perfect appearance, cosmetic dentistry in Ogden, UT can help you create the perfect smile.

Let us look at some cosmetic dentistry procedures commonly used:

  • Bonding

Many dentists are choosing bonding to preserve teeth where cracks and cavities are present. As a person ages, wear facets, cracks, and fissures can develop in the ridges on the top of the molars. Sealing these with bonding material may reduce the risk of developing cavities or deeper cracks that may require crowns.

  • Crowns/Bridges

Crowns are used to replace broken or damaged teeth. They are also considered when teeth are lost due to an accident or tooth decay. Crowns and bridges are created to look exactly like the teeth they are replacing. Great care is taken to create teeth that are the same color as others in the mouth.

  • Veneers

In cosmetic dentistry, veneers are used to correct abnormalities that can detract from a person’s smile. They can eliminate spaces between the teeth, repair chipped or broken teeth, correct crooked and misshapen teeth and eliminate stains or dark areas that appear with age or smoking. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded or glued to the front of your teeth to correct any imperfections.

  • Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. Teeth can become stained or yellow over time. Consumption of coffee, wine and other staining foods and beverages can also contribute to the staining of teeth. Professional teeth whitening and take-home whitening systems can help you restore your pearly white smile.

  • Implants

Dental implants help people with missing teeth enjoy a full set of teeth again. Dental implants act as replacement teeth that mimic natural teeth very closely. They feature a root and a visible tooth just like your natural teeth, offering a strong foundation. They are made to match your natural teeth, and they fuse with bone, becoming permanent. Implants are the most effective way to replace missing teeth and achieve the support needed for any cosmetic dental work.

  • Complete Smile Design

In many cases, a cosmetic dentist near you may use multiple of these methods to give you the smile your desire. They may use dental implants to restore missing teeth and then make your smile more aligned with veneers. A whitening treatment may also be performed. In such a way, a cosmetic dentist can design a completely new smile for you.

A cosmetic dentist can offer many treatment options to maintain and enhance your beautiful smile. If you want to change something about your smile, contact us to find the best cosmetic dentist in Ogden, UT.