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September 11, 2020

Undergoing the dental treatment at a professional dental clinic can cost you a lot. This is one of the primary reasons which acts as a barrier for numerous people who choose to keep their dental issues at bay. Now, what is the easy way out to successfully deal with this problem? You might often hear people asking you to go for dental insurances. But many cannot afford to get dental insurance for themselves as well.

Being in the profession of modern dentistry for quite a long span of time, we have come across different questions related to how to smartly plan dental care at Haslam Dental, Ogden, UT. Keeping all such things in mind, we decided to come up with a blog that will help you to know about how to get dental work done within a small pocket pinch. It is to be noted that your health is the most precious gift, never compromise with any sort of assistance related to it.

If you don’t have dental insurance then there is nothing to worry about. Millions of Americans face the same situation which in turn compels them to not consult professional dentists. It is due to these reasons that Haslam Dental has come up with a Dental Assistance Plan which can be availed by you at a relatively inexpensive price.

What is the Dental Assistance Plan in Ogden, UT?

Here at Haslam Dental, Ogden, UT, we have a Dental Assistance Plan which has been custom made to make things easy for patients who come to seek professional assistance at our dental clinic. By availing this plan you will be able to save money on most comprehensive dental services. The member pays for itself even if you visit the dental office for X-Rays and regular cleanings. You might be aware of the fact that is mostly not the case with the other dental insurances.

Some of the factors which give the dental assistance plan an upper hand over most of the dental insurances are being mentioned in the pointers below.

  • No chances of claim denials
  • No need to pay yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No need for any sort of pre-authorization
  • No pre existing condition limitations
  • Free consultations available immediately
  • No clause for missing tooth

You must have now gained a clear understanding about how the dental assurance plan at Haslam Dental can be of effective help and also provides you with an opportunity to undergo the best dental treatment in Ogden, UT with ease. So be it consultation about clear correct teeth straightening or dental implants, our professionals are here to help you out.

The membership fee also includes – two fluoride cleanings, free exams and diagnostic X-Rays (excluding CBCT), addition of every eligible family member to the plan and a 20% off on every other dental treatment. The amount of money to be paid for the monthly assurance plan is pretty economical as well. It is $27 for an individual, $35 for a couple, $15 for any additional eligible dependents 21 and younger. To know more, you are recommended to go through the information available on our website.

So why worry anymore? If you are looking to undergo top-class dental treatments in Ogden, UT, contact Haslam Dental and schedule your appointment today. Get the smiles of your dreams because you deserve to.

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